Flat Space Art have a pioneering approach to artistic collaborations.

Projects include curating exhibitions and galleries, museums and architectural interesting places, producing site-specific commissions, initiating education and audience engagement programs and building art collections.


Luiza Gibb has been curating exhibitions across the globe, a pioneer of the pop-up exhibition and art experiences in unconventional gallery spaces . Together we initiate pop-up exhibition is for charities, corporate clients, and galleries.

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Working with only the best technicians, Flat Space Art produce and manage projects on all scales from the House of Lords to churches.

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Regularly collating bespoke collections for private and corporate clients, always to a brief of aesthetics and investment by way of tapping into our wide network of artists across the globe we facilitate commissions on any scale.  Read more about our How to invest in Art Guide

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Martine Spencer – Harland Miller – Stik – Erica Bergsmeds – Hazel Hurley – Deborah Harris – Janet Lance Hughes – Alexander van Glitch – Melanie Griffith – Rux Art – Mark Sloper – Tessa Houghton – Tipperley Hill – Day-z – John Humphreys – Rich Simmons – Graham Lawrie – Lydia Bauman – Tracey Thornton – Dr Brandy – Chris Guest – Hodaya Louis – Magnus Gjoen – Oksana Tanasiv – Jana Nicole – Alexandra Romano – Adam Hemuss – Simon Lee Betteridge – Alex Osborne – David Chevtaikin – Metin Salih – Sangeeta Sagar – STIK – Samir Hussein – Banksy

Over 50 Represented Artists