Artist: David Chevtaikin

Medium: Virtual Digital Fusion Print

Created: 2017

Size: H 51 cm x W 41 cm

The sleek Chanel logo has been torn from its traditional, expected context and brought to clash with the urban canvas, layered with repetitive patterns inspired by designs found on peeling wallpaper. Neither brands nor empires, however luxurious, are impervious to the insurgent brush-strokes and the interpretive fusillade of the street artist.
Loving the bright, intense, radiant, incandescent colours, fuse really well together. Grass and moss green Leaves, red roses, salmon pink, cerise flowers in the the letters on a bed of sky blue. Splashes of tangerine orange.
Print from original artwork: Enamel, Acrylic, Vector Line, Digital Mix, Collaged Photo Composition.
Limited Edition of 25.