Artist: Magnus Gjoen

Medium: Cotton, Rag Paper, Giclee

Created: 2016

Style: Contemporary

H 70 cm, W 70 cm

Limited Edition

From Magnus’ ever popular skull series, Dei Gratia depicts Venus giving a new set of armour to Aeneas. The skeleton and the skull provoke obscure notions perhaps, skulls are harsh shaped objects, while in contrast, he uses graceful and elegant detail painting to highlight this epic tale which results in a thought evoking piece. Although the colours are darkened with use of the Clair-obscur technique, the liveliness of the skin colours pop out combined with the grass green cloth surrounding the nude female. The angels flying above her suggest a serene scene. Magnus’ uses maroon, brown, pottery reds, visualising the sky in a powder cloudy sunrise in warm red hues with a hint of cold mist in blue and grey tones. This painting is very skilfully made and shows a great contrast to life and death in a serene way. This is set in the Renaissance, using subjects of death love and mortality. Magnus Gjoen is a mid-career artist with potential for growth.
Limited edition of 25. Very few left! Invest in Art, Art is for Life!