Artist: Sangeeta Sagar

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Paper

Created: 2016

Size: H 90 cm x W 60 cm

The Quartz series has been made in a purely abstract style. Like most of her pieces, Sangeeta took inspiration from nature for his series. The result was achieved by visualising and then creating the layers of a quartz stone with different colours, hues and textures. Sangeeta has used acrylics gels, varnish and other mediums to attain a unique blend, which has created beautiful textures. Each of the following artwork is distinctive within the Quartz series.
First in the Quartz series a triptych of 90X60cm each. I had not planned for a triptych but the flow led me to expand on another and then another sheet. I am very pleased with the texture, which gives a blended quartz and marble like appearance. White waves, dark grey blue black rocks and sand beige rocks.