Artist: Sangeeta Sagar

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Paper

Created: 2016

Size: H 75 cm x W 80 cm

The Quartz series like most of her pieces, takes inspiration from nature for her series, achieved by visualising and then creating the layers of a quartz stone with different colours, hues and textures. Sugar uses acrylics gels, varnish and other mediums to attain a unique blend, and create beautiful textures in the abstract style.
The warm tones and golden tinge help enhance its features, where we are able to see rock, snow, stone and gold textures, incorporating colours such as burnt oranges and umbers, apricot, ginger, ochre, peach and tangerine. Similar to that of a map in the mountains, all the lines and strokes run down the beige, cream off white powder grey valleys, and give the work a greater complexity in its appearance.