Artist: Sangeeta Sagar

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Paper

Created: 2016

Size: H 42 cm x W 42 cm

The aim was to achieve a high degree freshness and sharpness in this piece. In addition to the blues and yellows, I experimented with new sets of colours to give this vibrant piece. The browns and blues go so well together with the small additions of red hues adding some freshness.We can see the quartz, rock, square, stone, texture, wave, abstract expressionism, contemporary, abstract, fluid, gold, autumn, modern, mountains, and nature all in this piece. It almost looks like a map in the mountains. Burnt oranges and umbers, apricot, ginger, ochre, peach and tangerine all running through the mountains running like rivulets down the beige, cream off white powder grey valleys. Aquamarine blues, Shocking pinks and cerises, running like streams. Thick, wave like, rich texture