Artist: Sangeeta Sagar

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Paper

Created: 2016

Size: H 75 cm x W 75 cm

This piece has a more minimalist tone compared to the others in the series. The various shades of blues and yellows complement each other. The bold brush strokes help give it a lovely composition.
I call this painting a picture perfect image. It has a very well balanced composition in my view. It also has a different look to my previously done Quartz pieces yet appears very much a part of the same series. The beauty of the abstract style is that every stage opens a new window, and therefore creates another new journey.
This contemporary art piece shows a mountainous landscape, hilly, rugged, craggy and rocky. This is awe-inspiring, bare, barren, breathtaking scenery, towering, forbidding, jagged, lofty, looming, majestic, massive rocks, shrouded in shadows, soaring, spectacular, towering, treacherous, boulders, ridges. This is an exhilarating piece. Lots of rich textures, bold strong lines, striking strokes, eye-catching slashes and vivid dashes of charcoal grey, dove grey, smoke grey, gunmetal, iron grey, pearl grey, pewter, silver, slate grey. Shades of yellows, mustard ochre and amber on a bed of off white. Splashes of cobalt blue.