Artist: Sangeeta Sagar

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Paper

Created: 2016

Size: H 60 cm x W 120 cm

The warm tones and golden tinge help enhance its features, where we are able to see rock, snow, stone and gold textures, incorporating colours such as: burnt oranges and umbers, apricot, ginger, ochre, peach and tangerine. Similar to that of a map in the mountains, all the lines and strokes run down the beige, cream off white powder grey valleys, and give the work a greater complexity in its appearance.
A diptych, Quartz 7 has a green gold nuance spread across the paintings. The distinct gold overtones differentiate this work with others in the series. Again, one can see abstract fluidity with tones of gold, yellow/lime green and cream to express the movement and calming nature of the landscape.