Artist: Denis Volpiana

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Pen

Size: 70 cm x 100 cm

First series: For Denis Volpiana to give the title of “MAPPE” to personal show is the natural outcome of painting, shattering its drip, coloring on canvas and dotted papers, marking minutes, drops, small spots developing a world Between the figurative and the abstract. Renew these maps, even interiors, until they reach a new quality expression. Volpiana, with an injected nib, circumscribes the elements of painting with a sensitive sign, making them pulsating, more vi- brant in color, uplifting, red, orange, blue, pinks, greens similar to distant distances of flying, non-terrestrial landscapes, nights of heaven. There are vibrant masses, traveling astral shapes, light appearances, which lead to discovering new ideas of space.