Artist: Alex Osborne

Medium: Lenticular

Created: 2016

Style: Contemporary

H 20 inches, W 20 inches

Limited Edition Print

An arrangement of circles, the piece evokes a warm and beautiful mood, where cyan, orange, aquamarine, cerise, forest green and lime yellow appear like a psychedelic sun. Unique and reflective of the artist’s experiments in personal experience and landscape, Osborne’s work definitely captivates one’s attention.

This piece is warm, its beautiful and its unique. Shape – lots of circles. Drawing you into the vortex. Shades of yellow, amber, buttercup yellow, canary yellow, gold, lemon, mustard ochre, saffron. Uplifting tangerine oranges, happy blues, aquamarines, azure, cornflower sky blue, perfect day colours. Sun shining.